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Its Thaipusam la dei! 大宝森节快乐

Thaipusam- ‘’Thai’’ is the name of the month; ‘’Pusam’’ means when the moon is the brightest. Thaipusam is all about faith, endurance, and penance. It is the biggest festival for Hindus where they celebrate when the moon is full in the Tamil month of Thai (last week of January or beginning of February). It is a colorful event, which held for 3 to 4 days. Hindus celebrate to show their appreciation to Lord Murugan, who was the ‘’God of war’’. It acknowledges that Lord Murugan defeated the evil forces.

大宝森节是个关于信仰,耐力和忏悔的一个节日。这是印度教徒其中一个最慎重和盛大的节日。印度教徒庆祝以示感谢他们的神-穆卢干。穆卢干是个勇于打败邪恶的一位勇士, 而这个节日是来纪念祂的。大宝森节会在每一年一月的最后一周或2月初举办,而这个节日会持续3至4天。


Devotees will prepare themselves 48 days before the festival. The devotees purge themselves of all mental and physical impurities. During the preparation, they will only take one vegetarian meal per day and 24 hours before Thaipusam.

Devotees will prepare themselves by following strict purification austerities such as:

  1. Shaving of the head
  2. Transcendence of desire
  3. Sexual abstinence
  4. Bathing in cold water
  5. Sleeping on the floor
  6. Constant prayers



  1. 剃头
  2. 超越所有的欲望
  3. 禁止性行为
  4. 以冷水洗澡
  5. 睡在地板上
  6. 持续地祈祷


On the actual day of Thaipusam, all the devotees will prepare themselves spiritually with a last strict vegetarian diet and extensive prayer before performing the acts of thanksgiving. They believed when the mind is free of material worth and the body free from physical pleasures can a devotee undertake the sacred task without feeling any pain, such as carrying a kavadi and walk from one temple to another. Some devotees commit to an extreme sacrifice, which known as ‘Vel Kavadi’. Devotees pierce their bodies, cheeks, and tongues with vel skewers. There were also some devotees who did not commit to such extreme sacrifices as shown in the second picture below. The purpose of undertake such sacrifices are to get blessings from Lord Murugan on behalf of their loved ones or to balance their spiritual debt.

大宝森节的那一天,信徒们会在庆祝前吃最后一餐素食和持续地向他们的穆卢干神祈祷。他们深信当他们的身心纯洁,他们能在呈现‘’赎罪舞’’ 时不承受任何的痛苦。‘’赎罪舞’’是大宝森节的其中一项环节。信徒们会把穆卢干神象的铁串刺在身体而来顶着游行。有些信徒也会在脸颊和舌头上刺上铁串。这项是个极端的‘’赎罪舞’’。除此以外,有些信徒只呈现普通的‘’赎罪舞’’。他们会把牛奶铁桶顶在头上来游行。信徒相信当他们呈现这个‘’赎罪舞’’时,他们的亲人能得到祝福和能清除自己的罪孽。


The festival of Thaipusam was brought to Malaysia in the 1800s when Indian immigrants started to work on the Malaysia rubber estates and government offices. It was first celebrate in Batu Caves by a small population of Indians, and it had increase to more than a million of Hindus gather in Batu Caves during Thaipusam in recent years. Besides than Hindus, other races and westerners could also be found at Batu Caves during the festival. The night before Thaipusam, Hindus will gather at the Sri Mahamariaman Temple along Jalan Tun HS Lee, which located at Chinatown/Petaling Street area. From there they will leave around midnight on a 15 kilometer (approximately 8 hour) walk towards the Batu Caves where they will arrive the next morning. Then they will climb 272 steps from the bottom to the top of Batu Caves to say prayer to Lord Murugan.



TagCourse would like to wish every students of Hindu faith a HAPPY THAIPUSAM!