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Happy Chinese New Year 2016 猴年快乐!

It’s year 2016 and the year of Monkeys! The mission of TagCourse is to be like the ‘King of the Monkeys’, who guided his master to reach their destination (to the west). While TagCourse will guide every Spm leavers to choose the right course and enroll in the best university/college.

在这个猴年,TagCourse 的任务是担当学生们的 ‘’美猴王’‘ 而全力以赴地协助学生们寻找适合的课程或学院/大学。


The purpose that TagCourse exist was to assist SPM leavers in everything related to further education. SPM results day is around the corner, and TagCourse is ready to assist everyone of you.

TagCourse 这个平台是为了我们国家未来的栋梁而建设的。我们首要的目的是让学生能以最方便及迅速的方式寻找一个适合自己的课程与学院/大学。除此之外,我们也准备为学生们解答所有升学的疑问。现在是适当的时候为升学而准备了,因为离SPM 成绩出炉的时间不远了!


TagCourse will go through the Journey of Higher Education with every students.

TagCourse 与您们一起寻找适合自己的课程/学院,成功取得你们的“升学经”吧!


Hereby, TagCourse would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year, prosperous year ahead, good luck in everything, and stay healthy!

在此,TagCourse 恭祝各位学生新年快乐,猴年行大运,万事如意,身体健康!