Professional Makeup Course
1 year
Kuala Lumpur
RM 15,888
Full Time
1. Makeup Theory
2. Basic Skin Care
3. Basic Makeup Theory&Skill
4. About Of Outline
5. Foundation Of skill
6. Modification of a variety of face
7. Eyebrows and face mix and modification
8. Eyebrows
9. Common eye shape and grooming
10. Eye shadow
11. Eyeliner modification and of painting
12. Eyelashes apply
13. Modification of the nose
14. Blush & face used
15. Color Matching&Using
16. Makeup Tools Using and Knowledge
17. Makeup Product Knowledge &Using
18. Modification of the lips
19. Lipstick application
20. Personal makeup
21. One point
22. Two point
23. Double eyelid makeup
24. Basic hairstyle
25. Bridal makeup & shooting makeup and overall shape
26. Night makeup overall shape
27. Black & white shooting overall shape
28. Classical makeup overall shape
29. False Hair Using&Making
30. Male makeup
31. Japanese makeup overall shape
32. Korea makeup overall shape
33. Hairstyle class
34. Three point
35. Deep set makeup
36. Theory of shooting & light
37. Hair Bun Making
38. European Makeup&Image
39. Smoky eye makeup & overall shape
40. Era Makeup&Image
41. Natural makeup
42. Creative makeup&overall shape
43. Fantasy makeup & overall shape
44. Injury makeup
Product Included
* Transparent Makeup Base
* Loose Powder
* Cream Foundation
* Liquid Foundation
* Lip Color
* Eye Shadow
* Makeup Sponge
* Shading Powder
* Soft&Mild Check Color
* Eye Shadow(Matt)
* EyeLiner
* Makeup Brush
* Makeup Bag
* Eyebrown Pencil
(Free RM3000 Product)

Mode Makeup Academy

80-A, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.


Welcome to Mode Makeup Academy, an ultimate one-stop makeup academy which combining excellence in makeup, hair styling and image designing.

Founded by Sophia Ang, the Creative Director of Mode Makeup Academy and also the most well-known makeup artist for local video and entertainment industry, has specially designed a series of courses based on her extensive 20years of experience. Sophia, in person will coach you the most fundamental theory and stylist inspiration with skill required in the makeup artistry. You will be trained to the finest in the world of makeup and for those who are eager to embark a challenging career in the makeup arena you are assured to make your first move with confidence.

Mode aims is not only for the students to possess the professional knowledge and skill but also to inspire their talent and potential with more exposure. Thus, aside from the technical know-how, you will find that elements of art and trend of fashion are injected in for more ion-depth understanding.

Mode series of courses are dedicated to coach you from the basic to advance level of makeup techniques. Fundamental of learning inclusive of theory, demonstration and applications. Courses available are Bridal Makeup, Professional Makeup, Airbrush, TV & Film Character Makeup, Special Effects and Personal Makeup.

Mode’s distinguished competitive edge is not only ensuring that you are well trained professional but also preparing you for immediate career opportunities by arranging practical and freelance assignments.

Mode takes great interest in our student’s success. Come on board with a makeup academy that truly cares.

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