From Zero to Hero (3D Animation)
2 years
RM 38,000
Full Time

Providing the best CGI industry focused training for our students. The 2 years program is carefully designed for individuals to kickstart an exciting career in animation, game and film VFX industries. Once you graduated from our program, you will be hired as an artist to work on Hollywood production!


Course Details

With our 2 years program, students will be equipped with aesthetics plus advance CGI soft and hard skill. Students can choose their specialised tracks in the following:

i. Animation 
Animation track will guide the students to develop story telling techniques, pre-production development and technical skill sets they need to be successful in this competitive industry.
ii. Character
Character track will be focusing from concept to developing characters for 3D features, games, animation and silver screen. Students will develop a strong understanding of fundamentals of anatomy, sculpture, form and details. 

iii. Environment 
Environment track will guide students through the process of asset creation for digital production in  games, animation and silver screen. â€‹
iv. 3D Generalist 
3D generalists track covers all aspects of 3D digital production from animation, games to silver screen. This track prepared students with a strong skill sets and visual art foundation that demands from the Entertainment industry.
This program is divided into 8 terms. Each terms will run for 12 weeks with a week break in between. Once you graduate from this 2 years program, you can proceed to either :-
i. Further Studies at US for an Associate Degree
ii. Animamundi Sdn. Bhd. will hire you to work on Hollywood productions!

KL Art Center

Q-32A-2, PJU 5/22, Kota Damansara PJU 5, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


At KLArtCenter, our intensive courses cover the latest AAA studios best practices, techniques and software packages, allowing students to be at the cutting edge of CG production in a very short space of time.

KLArtCenter works closely with international studios (such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, DeNA, Id Software, Disney) as well as industry professionals world wide. KLArtCenter has shaped its curriculum around the skills expected from professional artists in the CG Animation and Game Development industry. At KLArtCenter, we create our courses to get you working in this competitive, live-wire industry, providing you the skill set, confidence and pizzazz to get noticed.

Our ultimate goal is to see KLArtCenter graduates become the next generation of pioneering artists in this dynamic yet challenging industry. We love cultivating aspiring artists fulfil their dream career.

If you ever dreamed of becoming the next generation artist in game or animation. KLArtCenter has successfully bridging the gap between Hollywood and Malaysia, it means that geography, work or life commitments no longer hold you back. Your dream career is now closer than ever, all you need to do is reach out and grab it.

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