Degree in Image Design and Management
4 years
Kuala Lumpur, Selangor
RM 51,800
Full Time




Celebre 形象设计学院与台湾中州科技大学合作,为马来西亚带来不可错过的机会 —— 时尚创意形象设计与管理领域的专业学位。这是一项2年马来西亚 + 2年台湾全日制的学士学位课程,吸引了全球各地对时尚形象设计感兴趣及有梦想的学生。这项课程着重于成果导向的创造力文化,尽可能地激发创造性人才无限的想象力、对美和独创性的认识,同时也结合消费者的变化无常与时机的制约因素。





  • 时尚彩妆(日、晚妆)
  • 新娘化妆
  • 舞台化妆
  • 创意彩妆
  • 摄影化妆
  • 梦幻化妆
  • 时尚发型
  • 新娘发型
  • 舞台发型
  • 创意发型
  • 梦幻发型
  • 脸部视觉美学
  • 人体彩绘
  • 脸部彩绘
  • 新娘整体造型
  • 舞台人物造型
  • 广告摄影造型
  • 梦幻绚丽造型
  • 公开展演(1)



  • 时尚设计史
  • 护肤学
  • 美甲彩绘设计
  • 服装美学实务
  • 美姿美仪
  • 婚纱饰品造型设计研习
  • 色彩心理学
  • 创意商品设计
  • 文创产业概论
  • 企业基本技能
  • 微型创意品牌经营管理
  • 电脑辅助绘图
  • 人力资源管理
  • 时尚产业与流行文化分析
  • 消费者行为发展
  • 顾客关系管理
  • 形象设计色彩搭配
  • 形象设计款式搭配
  • 形象管理专业咨询
  • 元素变化与实务
  • 公开展演(2)
  • 毕业展演



  • 人文艺术
  • 社会素养
  • 生活应用
  • 时尚摄影
  • 毕业专题制作(1)
  • 品牌形象与管理
  • 毕业专题制作(2)
  • 金工设计
  • 创意行销与企划
  • 作品编排设计
  • 商品开发与企划
  • 织品造型创作
  • 包装设计
  • 整体造型设计(2)
  • 展演音乐设计



  • 校外实习
  • 媒体公关行销
  • 校外产业实习课程(1)
  • 时尚展示设计
  • 绿色设计
  • 展示企划
  • 时尚会展外交
  • 证照实务(1)
  • 造型设计研习
  • 校外产业实习课程(2)
  • 芳疗学
  • 影剧特效化妆






  • 化妆师
  • 发型师
  • 整体造型师



为个人 / 企业进行形象咨询包括商场、国际服装品牌、艺人和普罗大众打造高度个性化形象和提供专业培训。

  • 形象顾问
  • 演艺界
  • 服装界




  • 服装采购
  • 品牌管理
  • 公共关系








学院和课程内容介绍 >>

Célèbre Image Designer Academy

Celebre Image's Kepong Branch
16-2 & 3 Jalan Prima Lima,
Pusat Niaga Metro Prima,
52100 Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone No. : 03-6257 3749

Celebre Image's Cheras Branch
D'Alamanda (Behind Menara PGRM)
2-01-62 & 63, Pudu Impian IV,
No.2, Jalan Pudu Impian
56100 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone No. : 03-9286 8498

Celebre Image's Puchong Branch
29-2 Jalan Puteri 1/6,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone No. : 03-8063 6828

Celebre Image's Klang Branch
85-1 & 2 Jalan Mahogani 5/KS7,
Bandar Botanic,
41200 Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Telephone No. : 03-3324 7886

WeChat No.: 012-797 0156
E-Mail :
Office Hour: Monday to Friday (11.00am to 07.00pm)

03-6257 3749

Célèbre Image is founded in 2002 and is Malaysia's first modelling and image management institute. We are one of the leading providers for image consulting services. We offer expertise and advice on personal and business image branding.

Célèbre Image has since worked far away from the early perceptions of 'image consultants' which were once ridiculed when everybody from common hairdressers to part time make-up artists claimed 'a new you' in a half day's make-over session. This lack of professional guidelines had then been transformed into common confusion about what image consultants do. "Oh, you do make-up and cut hair?” or "You tell people what to wear?' are bygone remarks that are no longer relevant in the revolutionised world of
image consulting.

At Célèbre Image, we are committed to provide the highest quality consulting services that create immediate effect and long lasting impact. Célèbre Image gives you THE image that brings out how you want others to look at you – looking right at the right place at the right time by and for the right people.

The image you present speaks loud and clear before you having a chance to speak at all. Since most people base their first impressions on their first glance, it is important to have a powerful IMAGE that reflects the first glance. This is the CéIèbre Image.

The Célèbre Image is understanding that being pretty and fashionable are hollows without proper consultation and training. A Célèbre Image consultant is someone who can guide you in presenting yourself to your best advantage and highest potential.

Célèbre Image applies the teaching techniques from Japan's Colourtop which takes you through hands-on practical sessions. This technique provides you with the necessary foundation and technical skills on image making and colour analysis.

Célèbre Image makes sure that your physical appearance, your behaviour and your communication skills are valued in order to present an image worthy of a second glance. Our image consultants are the solution to your personal and corporate positive identities.

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