BSc (Hons) Aquatic Science
3 years
Kuala Lumpur
RM 72,000
Full Time
Jan, May, Sep

Water covers more than 70% of the earth’s surface and is a crucial component for human life. Thus, there are increasing concerns about the sustainability, pollution and future of this valuable natural resource, and a pressing need for scientists who are trained to address these concerns. 

The field of aquatic sciences is one which enhances the scientific understanding of the aquatic ecosystem using multi-disciplinary studies. The primary focus is to foster and sustain healthy aquatic environments, which allows us to maintain and manage its unlimited valuable resource besides developing solutions to a broad range of environmental issues. 
Key areas of research will focus on ecosystem-based management, natural resources management, sustainable aquaculture as well as modern development’s impact on the natural ecosystems. 

A combination of a solid foundation in basic sciences such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology and statistics with an intensive training in organismal biology, ecology and evolution is a must for undergraduate students in aquatic sciences. 

The bachelor programme has two specialisation options in Year 3, Aquatic Health and Management or Seafood Processing and Safety which will be used as the students’ research focus for their honours projects. Emphasis on theory, laboratory and fieldwork will ensure students are prepared for the demands of the working world. 

This programme also plays an important role in nation building as it aims to support the government in conserving aquatic resources and providing training for industry personnel in the areas of research, development, management, production and conservation.


Entry Requirement

Course Structure


Career Opportunities

  • Researchers – Often called marine biologists, aquatic biologists or aquatic ecologists, researchers study the creatures found in aquatic environments. They usually spend their time teaching, gathering data, and conducting experiments.
  • Biotechnologists – Use marine organisms to develop human medicines and other health aids.
  • Environmental Planners – These professionals work with governments, as well as builders and other private companies to ensure that development does not encroach on fragile aquatic and wetland environments.
  • Aquarists – They maintain exhibits at large public aquariums, while also teaching their colleagues and other interested people about aquariums and aquatic exhibits.
  • Veterinarians – They help doctors take care of animals, and some of them specialise in the care of fish and other aquatic animals.
  • Fish and Game Warden – They monitor wilderness areas, manage native species, and ensure that hunters and fishermen comply with state and federal laws (as well as any additional local regulations).
  • Aquaculture Farmer – They raise fish and shellfish for a variety of uses such as food, bait, or breeding stock. Basic animal care, water quality maintenance, and personnel management duties may be a part of an aquaculture farmer’s responsibilities (both technician and management positions are available in the aquaculture industry).
  • Food Scientists/Quality Control Inspectors – ensure that products (seafood) meet standards of quality and safety.

UCSI University

UCSI University Kuala Lumpur Campus (South Wing)
No. 1, Jalan Menara Gading,
UCSI Heights (Taman Connaught), Cheras
56000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: (+603) 9101 8880
Fax: (+603) 9102 2614

UCSI University Kuala Lumpur Campus (North Wing)
Lot 12734, Jalan Choo Lip Kung,
Taman Taynton View, 56000 Cheras
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: (+603) 9101 8880
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UCSI University Kuching Campus
Lot 2498, Block 16,
Kuching Central Land District,
Jalan Tun Jugah,
93350 Kuching,
Tel: +6082 - 455 255
Fax: +6082 - 455 015

UCSI University Kuala Terengganu Campus
Bukit Khor,
PT 11065, Mukim Rusila,
21600 Marang,
Terengganu Darul Iman, Malaysia.
Tel: +609-628 1880 / +609-628 1889
Fax: +609-628 1885

+603 9101 8880

Built on the principles of audacity, perseverance, integrity and excellence, UCSI University is a leading institution of higher learning with campuses in Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu and Sarawak, Malaysia. Our faculties, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to meet student needs offer a wide spectrum of academic programmes, ranging from Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Engineering and Architecture to Music, Multimedia, Education, Liberal Arts and Hospitality.

UCSI University: 29 years and counting

UCSI University is a vibrant community of learning and scholarship. With more than 10,000 students from 80 different countries, the University stands out as a melting pot of diversity and learners will supplement their pursuit of knowledge with a keen sense of cultural appreciation – a vital trait in today’s borderless world. As one of Malaysia’s first private universities, UCSI University has long impacted the national higher education landscape and the University continues to do so with its wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

The University’s academic staff are at the forefront of their disciplines and their views are highly sought after on major issues; from business to political science. Many of our academics have extensive experience working overseas and some play advisory roles in public bodies and various committees. By bringing their experiences into the classroom, our academics cater to an exhilarating learning environment and learners will thrive as they balance academic mastery with industrial application.

UCSI University’s strong track record of university-industry engagement has attracted attention from the powers that be and the University is entrusted to reshape Malaysia’s tourism and hospitality industry through education. By leading the Malaysian Centre of Tourism and Hospitality Education – a consortium of Malaysia’s foremost education institutions – that endeavours to equip at least 50% of the industry’s workforce with a diploma or a degree by 2020, UCSI University stands in the nation’s service and that of the global community.

Building on its domestic standing as a preferred and trusted education provider, the University is also expanding its sphere of influence. Tie-ups with foreign universities, research institutes and leading multinational companies are constantly established, enhancing opportunities for students and staff in the areas of research and development, mobility programmes and career opportunities, among others.

While these developments are encouraging, the true story of the University is about its students. Many of our alumni have gone on to achieve great things in life – from business to science and the performing arts. Most remain in close contact and the University is gratified to play a role in grooming movers and shakers that define today’s – and tomorrow’s – world.

Since its inception in 1986, UCSI University has been committed to further the discovery and celebration of knowledge. The University’s commitment – and success – in undergraduate teaching is matched by its progress in research and the discovery of knowledge, making it a true hub of higher education. Seeking to open doors for students around the world, the University’s generous financial aid programme ensures that prodigious students from all economic backgrounds can afford a UCSI University education.


【A-Levels】 3 As in the relevant subjects
【STPM】 CGPA ≥ 3.80, with relevant subjects taken into consideration
【Malaysian MOHE Matriculation】 CGPA ≥ 3.80, with relevant subjects taken into consideration
【UEC】 8 As and above in th

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● Offered to students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievements and participate actively in extracurricular activities.

● Opened to students who enrolled in any of the foundation programmes (leading to a degree) or any diploma or degre

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