Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons.) with Specialization
3 years
RM 59,040
Full Time
Mar, Jun, Oct


Programme Outcome
Graduates should be able to design and develop innovative solutions using computing technologies and theories for real life problems. Students are exposed to computing theories, computer architecture and fundamental concepts in computer science.


Specialization in Software Engineering
This specialization focuses on designing and developing software systems with innovative methodologies and sophisticated tools. Students are exposed to various techniques of analysing user requirements and specifications, as well as the design, implementation and verification of software systems.


Specialization in Information Systems
This specialization emphasises the design and development of computer-based systems to enhance the efficiency of business organizations. Students of this programme are not only capable of designing databases and information systems, they are well-trained in making informed management decision based on the quality of the on-demand information they have.


Specialization in Game Development
This specialization mainly concentrates on providing fundamental training in software development to the students and mastering of sophisticated software tools for multimedia games and graphics based applications development. It integrates fundamental concepts of software engineering with both technical and creative aspect of game design and development.



Entry requirements

Malaysian Students

● Pass in related Foundation / Matriculation programme from recognized institution and a credit in SPM Mathematics,
● Pass in STPM / A Level or its equivalent with 3 Principals inclusive of Mathematics, and a credit in SPM Mathematics,
● Pass in UEC with 5Bs inclusive of Mathematics and English.
● Pass in a related Diploma from a recognized institution or its equivalent.





TSE2251 Systems Analysis and Design  
TCP2351 Concepts of Programming Languages  
TCP2451 Programming Language Translation  
TCP2551 Functional Programming  
TIC2151  Theory of Computation   
TIC3151  Artificial Intelligence  
TSN3151 Parallel Processing  
TIS2151   Web Application Development   
TSN3251 Computer Security  
TSE2351 Introduction to Formal Methods  
TSE3351 Software Evolution & Maintenance  
TIS3451   Computer Auditing  
TIC2251   Introduction to Knowledge Management   
TGD2251 Game Physics   
TGD3451 Game Productions   


Core for Specialization (Software Engineering)

Specialization Core 1 TSN2201 - Computer Networks
Specialization Core 2 TCP2201 - Object Oriented Analysis & Design 
Specialization Core 3 TCP2101 - Algorithm Design & Analysis 
Specialization Core 4 TSE2451 - Software Requirements Engineering 
Specialization Core 5 TSE3151 - Software Design 
Specialization Core 6 TIS3151   - Software Reliability & Quality Assurance 
Specialization Core 7 TSE3251 - Software Verification & Validation 


Core for Specialization Elective  (Software Engineering):    

* Choose 2 subjects based on program coordinator advicse.

Specialization Elective I TIC2151 - Theory of Computation 
Specialization Elective I TCP2451 - Programming Language Translation 
Specialization Elective II TSE2351 - Introduction to Formal Method 
Specialization Elective II TSE3351 - Software Evolution Maintenance 


Core for Specialization (Information Systems):    
Specialization Core 1 TSN2201 - Computer Networks
Specialization Core 2 TCP2201 - Object Oriented Analysis & Design 
Specialization Core 3 TCP2101 - Algorithm Design & Analysis 
Specialization Core 4 TIS3351   - Advance Database
Specialization Core 5 TIS3251   - Information Systems Planning & Development 
Specialization Core 6 TIS2351   - Human-Computer Interaction 
Specialization Core 7 TIC3251   - Decision Support Systems 


Core for Specialization Elective (Information Systems):    

* Choose 2 subjects based on program coordinator advicse.

Specialization Elective I TSN3251 - Computer Security
Specialization Elective I TSE2251 - System Analysis & Design 
Specialization Elective II TIS2151 - Web Application Development 
Specialization Elective II TIS3451 - Computer Auditing 


Core for Specialization (Game Development):    
Specialization Core 1 TSN2201 - Computer Networks
Specialization Core 2 TCP2201 - Object Oriented Analysis & Design
Specialization Core 3 TCP2101 - Algorithm Design & Analysis 
Specialization Core 4 TGD2151 - Computer Graphics Fundamental 
Specialization Core 5 TGD3151 - Game Design Fundamentals
Specialization Core 6 TGD3351 - Game Algorithms 
Specialization Core 7 TGD3251 - 3D Game Programming 


Core for Specialization Elective (Game Development):    
Specialization Elective I TGD3451 - Game Production        
Specialization Elective II TGD2251 - Game Physics 





Multimedia University (MMU)

Cyberjaya Campus:
Jalan Multimedia, 63100 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 603 - 8312 5570/5000 Fax: 603 - 8312 5022

Melaka Campus:
Jalan Ayer Keroh Lama, 75450 Bukit Beruang, Melaka, Malaysia
Tel: 606 - 252 3411/3253 Fax: 606 - 231 5604

1 300 800 668

Multimedia University (MMU), a tertiary education institution set up through Universiti Telekom Sdn Bhd (UTSB), a wholly owned subsidiary of TM, fulfils the noblest of corporate social responsibilities – taking up the challenge of educating the next generation the nation’s leaders and knowledge workers. As the first private university in Malaysia, MMU developed the pioneer model for the successful establishment of private universities in the nation, paving the way for the growth of the private tertiary education sector. As the university at the heart of the MSC, MMU also serves as a catalyst for the development of the high tech ICT industry of the nation, parallel to the Silicon Valley-Stanford model in the United States.

Growing to over 20,000 students in 15 years, MMU has achieved much in a relatively short period of time. The university runs in two campuses, its original campus in the historical city of Melaka, and the campus in Cyberjaya that was opened by the former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed. It has produced 30,523 graduates in its time, and a recent survey demonstrates that 91% of these secure employment within 6 months of the completion of studies. It has also grown an outstanding pool of international students numbering at 4,200 from 77 countries. Establishing itself as a major player in research and development, and maintaining excellent ties with the industry through collaborations and research partnerships, MMU now hosts 13 Research Centres to date, focusing in the niche areas of nanotechnology, microsystems, biometrics, virtual reality, microwave and telecommunications, engineering, photonics, advanced robotics and business.

Through an organisation-wide policy of prudent spending and careful budgeting, the university successfully achieved financial independence within the first 3 years of its founding, and continue to be sustainable and financially healthy to this day. This is in spite of a recent infrastructural expansion in both its campuses during the period of 2006 till present, with the completion of the Phase 3 of development in the Melaka Campus and Phase 2 of development in the Cyberjaya Campus.

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