Bachelor of Arts (Journalism)
4 years
RM 17,385
Full Time
Feb, Apr, Aug

Course Introduction:
These degree programmes require students to complete the first and second year courses at New Era College. They will prepare students for credit transfer to the third year of partner universities.

In order to strengthen students’ competency in the mass communication market, the programmes cover syllabus in the areas of journalism, radio, television, public relations and advertising. Students could choose either one major before graduation.

Students will be exposed to theoretical and practical training in ‘Media Studies’, a branch of Mass Communication school, with focus on mutual relations between media and contemporary society. The related knowledge and training will be integrated with digital technologies to nurture well-rounded communicators in the era of electronic media.

The Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) programme offers a media-centred approach in studying the interaction between mass media and society. Emphasis on various schools of communication theories prepares students for better understanding of communication behaviour and media organisations. Students will also be exposed to humanities subjects to sharpen their sensitivities and analytical abilities. These skills will help them become professional in delivering news.

The Bachelor of Arts (Radio and Television) programme is divided into two groups: 1) Radio & 2) Television; students could choose either one. The main syllabus covers fundamental theories and knowledge of radio and television. Students will be trained on Mandarin Phonetics, Introduction to Radio, Production and Hosting of Radio Programme, Radio Production, Audio-Visual Editing, Documentary Production, Broadcast Journalism, Television Production, etc. In addition to cultivating professionals in Chinese broadcast and TV news, this programme also instils humanistic values in students in terms of caring for the disabled/ unfortunate groups in our society.

The Bachelor of Arts (Advertising) programme familiarises students with the key areas of communication, advertising, marketing and public relations and advertising industries. Curriculum is based on public relations and advertising, supplemented by marketing courses.  This programme is industry-based and practical. Students work with real clients on real projects and extend their industrial insight and understanding through planning and executing an intense campaign. It develops skills to think creatively and critically. Students are trained to work independently as well as in a team, using crisis management skills. Hence, it equips students with competitive skills within a dynamic advertising/public relations environment.

Also, in order to provide opportunities for first-hand experience, students will have frequent interactions and visits to various media, advertising and public relations organisations, including TV stations (i.e. ASTRO, NTV7, RTM, 8TV ), radio stations (i.e.: FM98.8, Ai FM), and press houses (i.e.: China Press, Nan Yang Siang Pau, Oriental Daily, Guang Ming Daily, etc.), as well as established companies in the public relations and advertising industries. To enhance students’ understanding of the actual operation in the media, advertising and public relations industries, experienced guest speakers are invited frequently to speak on a variety of related professional and contemporary issues.

Career Prospects:
Graduates may engage in careers of various industries including press, TV, radio broadcasting, recording, magazines, publishing, research companies, public relations and advertising, marketing, etc. Alternatively, they can opt to be journalists, editors, radio DJ, TV news anchors, advertising specialists, public relations specialists, translators, visual editor, production coordinators / directors, media analyzers, researchers, consultants, etc.


Course Structure:

Core Compulsory Courses

  • Introduction To Mass Communication
  • Journalism I (Chinese News Writing)
  • Journalism II
  • Photo Journalism
  • Digital Editing & Design
  • Newspaper Publication
  • Political Science
  • Media Law
  • Media Ethics
  • Theory & Practice of Translation
  • Media Literacy
  • Communication Theories
  • The Critical Attitude
  • International Communication
  • English Language
  • Bahasa Kebangsaan
  • Moral Education
  • Malaysian Studies


Elective Courses

  • Television Studies
  • Selected Readings in Communication
  • Communication and Culture
  • Gender and Media
  • Film and Society


Major Compulsory Courses

Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) Programme (2+2)[KPT/JPS(A10767)]

  • History of Journalism
  • Online Publishing
  • Online Journalism
  • Newspaper & Magazine Editing
  • Environmental Reporting
  • Feature Writing
  • Financial Reporting



Bachelor of Arts (Radio and Television) Programme (2+2)[KPT/JPS(A10768)]

(Choose 1 Group) 


  • Introduction to Electronic Media
  • Mandarin Phonetics I, II & III
  • Audio Editing
  • Introduction to Radio
  • Production and Hosting of Radio Programme
  • Radio Production I & II



  • Introduction to Electronic Media
  • Mandarin Phonetics I, II & III
  • Visual Editing
  • Television Production I & II
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Documentary Production 


Bachelor of Arts (Advertising) Programme (2+2)[KPT/JPS(A10766)]

  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Communication
  • Public Relations Media Application    
  • Advertising
  • Advertising Strategies & Planning
  • Public Relations Campaign Planning

New Era College

Lot 5, Seksyen 10, Jalan Bukit, 43000 Kajang, Selangor.


New Era College Malaysia was conceived many years before the approach of the new millennium as a community-funded tertiary institution. Its realisation today is the result of deep commitment and persistence by those in the community who care about our society’s progress through education, culture and human resource development. The 8.5 acre piece of land on which the campus stands was originally donated by the local Chinese associations in Kajang to Dong Jiao Zong (The Chinese School Committees and School Teachers Associations) in 1974 for use as a tertiary-level education institution. The desire of the community for a tertiary institution as an extension of the Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary Schools (MICSS) has been determined and unwavering as manifested in the enthusiastic response to the fund-raising campaigns to start the campus. Planning for the college started in earnest when a formal application for a College license was made in August 1994. After waiting for three years, the college was eventually approved by the Malaysian Education Ministry on 28 May 1997. The first intake of students at New Era College started their courses on 1 March 1998.

What’s Different about New Era College?

● New Era College is founded by the community, for the community
● A non-profit, non-governmental and non-partisan establishment
● Committed to multi-cultural, holistic and socially responsible education
● Upholds academic freedom and students’ autonomy
● Promotes intellectual and artistic development
● Encourages scientific and technological advancement

Academic Excellence Scholarship

â–ª UEC with at least 8 As;
â–ª STPM or equivalent qualification with at least 3 As & 1C;
â–ª SPM or equivalent qualification with at least 10 As.

Full Scholarship

Academic Excellence Scholarship

New Student Scholarship

â–ª UEC with at least 15 aggregate points for the best 5 subjects; or
â–ª STPM or equivalent qualification with at least 3 Bs.
â–ª SPM or equivalent qualification with:
7As or above: full scholarships for 1st year tuition fees
6As: RM 5,000 waive

Full Scholarship

New Student Scholarship

Multi-Cultural Scholarship

▪ UEC applicants who have obtained admission into NEC’s foundation or diploma or undergraduate programme;
â–ª STPM or equivalent qualification with at least 2 Cs;
â–ª SPM or equivalent qualification with at least 5 Bs.

Full Scholarship

Multi-Cultural Scholarship

New Era Progression Scholarship

Completed NEC’s Foundation programme, 1st or 2nd year diploma or undergraduate programme, with a minimum CGPA 3.50 (75% total average) and ranking in the top 15% of the class.

Full Scholarship

New Era Progression Scholarship

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