Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Broadcasting & Journalism
3 years
Full Time


Course Descriptions:

Broadcasting and Journalism demands a combination set of skills and knowledge both in print and broadcasting. Broadcast copy is written to be read out loud by newscaster with more accurate words and sentences which compliments picture, video and audio leading to a perfect story. Print journalist must prepare themselves to write, report and deliver the content for print to be parallel with the emergence of new media. The television, radio and new media industry including cable TV systems, continues to evolve in exciting ways. As the news business moves more rapidly from the printed newspaper to electronic news, demands will grow for students equipped for broadcasting and journalism is politics, investigative, talk show, science and technology, entertainment and sports. The programme will equip students not only to hone their writing and editing skills in broadcasting and journalism but also to be more enterprising, inquisitive in order to stand out from the crowd.


Entry Requirements:

  • Pass STPM / A Levels with minimum 2 principals; OR
  • Pass Foundation / Matriculation programme in related field; OR
  • Pass Diploma in related field
  • Any other equivalent qualifications recognized by the Malaysian Government
  • Students with a recognized Diploma in related field will be given advanced standing into the Degree programme.


Subjects Offered:

                                                YEAR 2



Limkokwing University

Limkokwing University (Cyberjaya Campus)
Inovasi 1-1, Jalan Teknokrat 1/1
63000 Cyberjaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: (+603) 8 317 8888
Fax: (+603) 8 317 8988

Limkokwing University (Borneo Campus)
Lot 34 & 35 of Lot 7, Section 15
KTLD, Jalan Nanas
93400 Kuching
Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel: (+6082) 248 266
Fax: (+6082) 248 277

Limkokwing University (Kelantan Campus)
Lot 235 Tingkat 3, Kompleks Yakin
Jalan Gajah Mati
15000 Kota Bharu
Kelantan Darulnaim, Malaysia
Tel: (+609) 747 9888
Fax: (+609) 747 8899

Limkokwing University (Melaka Campus)
Jalan D'Albuquerque
Portuguese Settlement
Ujong Pasir
75050 Melaka, Malaysia
Tel: (+606) 281 8635
Fax: (+606) 286 7888

Limkokwing University (Kuala Lumpur Centre Campus)
23, Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: (+603) 2143 0005
Fax: (+603) 2143 0002

+60 3-8317 8888

Since inception, the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology has been an innovative force in global education, and continue to trigger change in the way the young are educated. Based in Kuala Lumpur with 30,000 students from 160 countries, the university offers internationally recognized diplomas, degrees, and postgraduate programmes.

Its a generation hungry for an education that matches its lifestyle where building skills pivotal to career progress. Through its globalization initiatives, the University has strategically positioned its campuses in London, Beijing, Phnom Penh, Jakarta, Kuching, Gaborone, Maseru, Mbabane to create a unique pathway spread across 3 continents.

The Limkokwing Best of Both Worlds concept is anchored on providing a learning environment that not only brings the world into the classroom but also takes the student into the world.

Limkokwing graduates are recognized as most in-demand employees because of their versatility, creativity, tech skills and global attributes. As creative minds they research, explore, experiment, and examine all kinds of problems and social issues that affect communities. Limkokwing university continues to bridge the gap between classroom and industry by having key industry leaders speak to students.

Limkokwing Foundation Scholarship

Sibling discount: Both siblings must enroll in the University at the time of applications.

Spouse discount: Either husband or wife must be employed at the University at the time of application.

20% of tuition fees

Limkokwing Foundation Scholarship

Limkokwing Merit Creative Scholarship

50% of tuition fees:
SPM=6A's to 7A's
O Level= 4A's
STPM= 3.25 to 3.49 CGPA
A Levels= A, B, B
UEC= 4A's to 5A's

70% of tuition fees:
SPM=8A's to 9A's
O Level= 5A's
STPM= 3.50 to 3.74 CGPA
A Levels= A ,A, B
UEC= 6A's to 7A's

50% and 70%

Limkokwing Merit Creative Scholarship

Limkokwing Elite Creative Excellence Scholarship

SPM= 10 A’s and above
O Levels= 6 A’s and above
STPM= 3.75 to 4.00 CGPA
Matriculation= 3.75 to 4.00 CGPA
A Levels = A, A, A
UEC= 8 A’s and above

100% of tuition fees

Limkokwing Elite Creative Excellence Scholarship

Talent Scholarship

Level of Representations in Sports Activities:
(1) National players.
(2) State Players.
(3) District Players.

Athletics, Badminton, Tennis, Tae Kwon Do, Volleyball, Netball, Rugby, Golf, Baseball, Go-Cart, Cycling, Wu Tsu, and Performing Arts

25% (District), 50% (State), 100% (National)

Talent Scholarship

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