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Harold's Academy —— Heaven of Baking Lovers

If you are in love with baking, pastry, sugar craft or even chocolate making, you may love to study at Harold’s Academy.


Here are the 6 reasons why you may love Harold’s Academy:


1) Gain more experience

Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to hands-on courses and baking is one of them. Students of Harold’s Academy are very lucky because with a partnering Bakery & Cafe just below the academy, students get more exposure and real-life experiences compared to others. These experiences are very helpful for students who wish to start their careers or even be an entrepreneur in this industry.


Harold’s Bread has total 11 franchise outlets across Malaysia.


2) Fantastic course scopes

Baking lovers, you will be surprised of the things you can learn throughout the course. Other than cake, biscuits, breads, you get to learn fondant, sugar pulling, desserts and even chocolate making! Let’s have a quick look on their students’ artwork.


Can you believe it? Their students make all these!


Mousse & creative desserts


Chocolate Showpieces


3) Experienced chef as your mentor

In order to make sure the quality of courses, Harold’s Academy hired experienced chefs as their instructors. Not only that, international chefs are invited to do demonstrations occasionally. Let’s have a glance on the technique of instructors.

Oh my god! These are all made by chocolates!!! Amazing~


4) Smaller class size

Harold’s Academy emphasizes a lot on practical part of students. Their courses are 80% on practical while 20% on theory. Limited students per group can also ensure personal attention to every student. Students are also encouraged to utilize portable tablets during classes for more efficient study.

Students learn to work in a team for projects


5) Opportunities of joining national & international competitions

Harold’s Academy encourages all of their students to take part in national and international competitions. Thus their students have very outstanding achievement in all the competitions.

These are the masterpieces of students from Harold’s Academy


6) Financial aid and other student benefits

Students who experience financial problems can apply for Harold’s Academy Financial Aid (HAFA). HAFA is a study loan offered by Harold’s Academy with 0% interest, which helps to cover 40% of your tuition fees. You can pay back within 2 years after graduated. Harold’s Academy also offers accommodation for students for other states. Students from Harold’s Academy can also enjoy discount benefits when purchasing items at Harold’s Bread.


Course duration: 12 months (9 months Diploma Course + 3 months Internship)


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