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Achieve Your Dream Of Becoming A Medical Doctor @ SEGi University


Why do you want to become a doctor?

Many students dream of studying medicine.



From research, the reasons include

1. Passion and Dreams

The passion and burning desire to save lives and to help the sick.

 A caring heart will be a bonus 


Most medicine students have these dreams to help others. They strive to save every life in the world and some study medicine for family members. For them, having medicine knowledge provides better protection for family members and are able to provide the best treatment and care for family members. 


Opportunity to Work Overseas



Admission Requirements for Studying Medicine.

The minimal Criteria and Qualifications for entry into medical programme in Malaysia are set by the Malaysian Medical Council .


1. Academic  Requirements. 

Refer to Malaysia Medical council website: mmc.gov.my

Studying in Foundation (One Year)

SPM – at least 5 Bs (Including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics/Additional Mathematics and any other), credits for BM and English, passing rate for Sejarah.

UEC – at least 3 B4s (Including Biology, Chemistry, Physics/ Mathematics, Add. Maths)

Direct Admission into Degree

STPM/A Levels – BBB, ABC or AAC in Biology, Chemistry, Physics/Mathematics.

UEC – at least 5 B4s (including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Add. Math.)

If your certificate is not listed above, please contact.


2. Other Requirements:

a. Language requirement: English must achieve the target (SPM BM and English – at least credits).

b. Interview: All students have to go through interviews and make sure no mistakes in choosing the subject.


3. Duration of  the Course.

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.,B.S.) is a 5 years course.


4. How much money needed for the course?

The amount required is NOT  less than RM 500,000 and includes tuition fees and living expenses


5. How much loan can PTPTN provide?

Only about 50% of the total fees.


Why study medicine @  SEGi University?

1. Instalment payment plan available

SEGi University can help to ease in the payment of this huge financial commitment.


Unlike other schools, PTPTN applicants need to pay a big amount of tuition and miscellaneous fees before the loan is granted. SEGI Uni allows student to pay the loan through monthly instalments, to ease students’ and families’ burden.


SEGI University’s “Instalment Payment Plan” 

- Paying around RM330 tuition fee monthly to finish a four-year Bachelor of Biomedical


- Paying around RM630 tuition fee monthly to finish a four-year Bachelor of Optometry to

become a qualified optometrist.

- Paying around RM1200 tuition fee monthly to finish a four-year Bachelor of Pharmacy to

become a qualified pharmacist.

- Paying around RM3000 tuition fee monthly to finish a four-year Bachelor of Medicine and

Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.) to become a qualified doctor.

- Paying around RM4000 tuition fee monthly to finish a four-year Bachelor of Dental Surgery

to become a qualified dentist.


If tuition fee is your main obstacle to study in medicine, SEGI Uni is definitely your best

choice. On how to pay through instalment, please consult:


At the same time, SEGI Uni provides many scholarships for students with excellent results.


2. First-class Learning Environment


Students have the chance to use first class equipment facilities and become familiarized with the equipment’s operational procedure.


This programme emcompasses 3 phases:

Phase I spans across two years of the programme, where you are exposed to basic medical sciences covering subjects including Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pathology, Medical Microbiology and Medical Parasitology, as well as Community Medicine and early clinical exposure in an intergrated system approach.


In Phase II, you will begin your early clinical clerkship with one year of rotational posting in internal medicine, paediatrics, surgery and women's health.


You gain further knowledge and clinical skills during your senior clerkship in Phase III, which covers two years in various clinical disciplines, namely community based medicine, psychiatry, palliative care and rehabitation, specialised postings of ophthalmology, otolaryngology, anaesthesiology, dermatology, diagnostic imaging and forensic medicine during your Year 4 of study.


In the final year, you will undergo orthopaedics and trauma posting and in preparation of the Final Professional Examinations, you will revisit the four major postings in clinical medicine i.e. internal medicine, paediatrics and neonatology, surgery and women's health.


Throughout the five years of study, you will also develop your soft skills in communication, social responsibility, team building, critical thinking, problem solving, leadership and management.


Lets  look at the learning environment and medical students’ life in the SEGI University Faculty of medicine!

Auditorum/lecture is the best place to listen to lectures.


Anatomy & Pathology Museums are well equipped with models and specimens for teaching students


Students can get hands-on experience with human body models to facilitate learning.


Human brain model.


To learn about the liver, kidney and nervous system.


Learning the parts of the human body


The Clinical Skills Lab is used to learn the skills to perfom  physicial examination during the clinic phase of the training.


Students learning how to take a pulse and blood pressure before postings in hospital wards


The Clinical phase of training is conducted Sibu Hospital in Sarawak. Sibu is  the second largest town in Sarawak Sibu Hospital has more than 500 beds and is the referral centre for the Central Region of Sarawak.


The clinical campus is located in the compound of Sibu Hospital. Thus it will be convenient for the students to go to the hospital wards.


Training @ Emergency Unit


Learning to console the patients and family members and dealing emergency situations are part of the learning process.


The most cherished moment for a medical student and his family  is convocation day where the mortar board are throw  in the air to express the joy of becoming a medical DOCTOR. The FRUIT OF SUCCESS.


3. Dean of Faculty & Students’ Testimonials

Professor Dr. Samiah Yasmin Abdul Kadir

Dean, Faculty of Medicine

Professor Dr. Samiah Yasmin obtained her Medical Doctor degree (M.D.) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in 1991. She pursued her interest in Primary Medical Care and obtained a Masters in Family Medicine also from her alma mater university in 1998. Professor Yasmin has been in education for more than 20 years and was heavily involved in the development of the Faculty of Medicine, SEGI University since 2010. Prior to joining SEGI, Professor Yasmin was the Head for the Department of Family Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, UKM. Her strong background in medical education has placed her to serve as panel in accreditation of medically related programmes. She is also involved in academic and research committees besides supervising Masters’ students in medical and health related fields.



Programmes of Health Sciences

1. Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.,B.S.)

2. Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)

3. Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

4. Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Hons)

5. Bachelor of Optometry (Hons)


SEGI University’s Health Science Month is started on 1 Aug 2016 until 30 Aug 2016.


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