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6 Reasons Why You Should Study at Arte Academy

6 Reasons Why You Should Study at Arte Academy


Arte Academy is one of the best academies in Malaysia that offers 3D Animation & Digital Film Production.


Here are the 6 reasons why you should choose Arte Academy:


Reason 1: Small Class Learning

Smaller size classes provide more opportunities for personal attentions and instructional helps when necessary. Besides, the lessons are more communicative and student-centered. As a result, the instructors are able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each student better. Students, too, are able to feel more comfortable in voicing their questions and opinions during lessons.


Reason 2: Pleasant study environment

Step into Arte Academy and you will be surprised by the friendliness and hospitality of our instructors and students. They are more like a big family rather than the usual teacher-student relationship.

On the other hand, Arte Academy is mostly fully equipped with Apple products as well as other course related equipment. In other words, students need not have to purchase their own equipment such as cameras and video cameras as they are able to use them for free. The academy even has its own chroma key compositing (green screen) for students who study digital film production. Who knows another James Wan may be produced?


Reason 3: Experienced instructors to keep you on the right track

Arte Academy hires industry experts as their instructors. They are highly experienced and are aware of the essential skills needed in the current industry. Thus, the course syllabus are always up-to-date as they understand the requirements of companies when job hunting.

The picture below is Jeff Yee, who is the owner of Startrack Entertainment and also a lecturer of Digital Film at Arte Academy.


These are the partners of Arte Academy:


Reason 4: A visit to Japan

Students of Arte Academy have an opportunity to explore Tokyo, Japan, together with their instructors each year. They get the chance to visit the Tokyo Design Technology Centre (TECH.C.) to enhance some skills from international masters. They, too, are able to experience the different lifestyle of Japan.


Reason 5: High quality student artworks

Let’s say no more and take a look at how amazing our students’ artworks are!

This is what you are able to achieve as well after joining Arte Academy.

Architecture Visualization

Create Your Own Cartoon Characters


Vehicle Modeling

Digital Illustration


Reason 6: Providing students a second chance

For the students who do not have enough credits to enter colleges, Arte Academy is able to give them a second chance. It is one of our concepts. We welcome students who carry the same passion and ambition regardless of their academic results.

As one of the business director, Mr. Han, has said, “We believe every student deserves a second chance.” We believe this will make a huge difference in their lives. Nonetheless, they also believe that the enthusiasm of students are more valuable than their academic results.


Arte Academy students doing their internship at Animonsta Studio


It is no surprise that Arte Academy can rise up become one of the best design academies in Malaysia with the 6 reasons listed above.

We feel like sharing how much we enjoy the time spending in Arte Academy with you. We hope that all of you can feel the happiness of the students after watching this video:



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